Calling all young researchers and aspiring scientists! Would you like to help pave the way to ensure reliable and trustworthy scientific research? Join us for an enlightening Open Science and Reproducibility workshop, where we will delve into the core of scientific progress and empower you to create evidence-based results. Together we can unlock the future of scientific research and embrace Open Science and Reproducibility!

Why is Reproducibility Vital?

In today’s world, ensuring that research is both reproducible and trustworthy is paramount. We believe that this generation and the next hold the key to driving meaningful change in the research landscape. Together, we can forge a paradigm and culture shift to rebuild overall trust in science!

Join our 2023 Tropentag workshop!

Workshop title: Making Research Transparent and Reproducible – Creating a Paradigm shift in Open Science!


OSIRIS – Open Science to Improve Reproducibility in Science

CZU – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

YPARD – Young Professionals for Agricultural Development

Date: Wednesday, 20/09/2023, 08:30 – 11:30 h (CEST)

Location: In-person workshop at the 2023 Tropentag conference in Berlin Germany

What to Expect

Our interactive peer-to-peer exchange we will equip you with the tools to identify incentives and embed reproducibility in your research projects. Discover effective interventions to increase evidence-based reproducibility at every level, from funding and publishing to universities and researchers.

Shaping the Future of Research

At this workshop, we will go beyond identifying the problem. You will gain concrete knowledge, essential skills, and best practices in reproducibility measures. Join a network of like-minded individuals and share your experiences in conducting Open Science in your field of expertise.

Take the Leap into Open Science! The reproducibility of scientific results forms the foundation of future research and innovation. Together, we will uncover the transformative potential of Open Science and its impact on shaping the future of scientific inquiry.

Join us in Creating trust in Open Science and reproducibility through Accessibility and Transparency!

To register for our workshop, send an email to the OSIRIS Communications officer at

See you at Tropentag 2023!