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Objectives and ambitions

To increase


To increase reproducibility

To understand the underlying drivers and effective interventions that increase reproducibility at funding, publishing, university, and researcher-level using systematic literature review, evidence mapping, policy audits, and interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders. Results will be distributed through an open knowledge base and Open Access (OA) publications to reach global academia optimally.

To develop

Test solutions

To develop and test solutions

To develop and test effective, evidence-based solutions for the reproducibility crisis across various stakeholders in policy and research practice by utilising well-controlled Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) rather than mere pilots, develop dashboards of indicators of reproducible research practices, and providing funders, publishers, researchers, and peer reviewers with guidance for judging reproducibility.


in research projects

Reproducibility in research projects

To embed reproducibility in the strategy and design of research projects by informing researchers and convincing funders and journals to include measures and preconditions on reproducibility in their assessment of project proposals and articles.

To create

collaborative community

To create collaborative community

To create a community of stakeholders that will aid in educating and implementing better reproducible research practices using our results to create guidelines and training on how researchers can embed reproducibility in the design of their research and disseminate these widely, thereby increase the reproducibility of their scientific research. Additionally, we will perform quality audits at project and output levels to test these novel practices.

What is new at OSIRIS?


The OSIRIS project can benefit from past and current (inter)national activities of its partnership, as well as from findings from past projects and programmes that provide knowledge and evidence on reproducibility. With OSIRIS we go one step further: we provide researchers with interventions and training based on the highest evidence. We evaluate our interventions with randomised controlled trials, in order to really improve scientific conduct.

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