The OSIRIS project is delighted to introduce Dr. Mariska Leeflang who is an associate professor in Methodology, Personalized Medicine, Epidemiology and Data Science at the institute of University Medical Centers Amsterdam(AMU), a  partner institution of the OSIRIS consortium.

Dr. Mariska is an Epidemiologist specialized in systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy, research area, focuses on Medical test evaluation Methodology: diagnostic test accuracy, test efficacy, and policy recommendations on screening tests. Both systematic reviews and meta-analyses as well as primary, original research. She also specializes in Personalized Medicine which involves: diagnostic test accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values, as well as systematic reviews, research methodology and meta-analysis.

As the leader of the OSIRIS work package (WP4) on Interventions to improve reproducibility for funders and journals, Dr. Mariska brings her vast knowledge and expertise to the table. In this WP, her team at AMC will not only develop and evaluate automatic systems of compliance for reproducibility but will also develop checks before publication in scientific journals linked to correction and positive incentives. WP4 will also employ policy guidelines early in the grant application phase to anchor journal practices; and will clearly identify the best policies and practices across disciplines by private and public funders and coordinate European activities in the domain.

Enjoy Getting to know Associate Professor Ing. Mariska M. G. Leeflang! And stay tuned to hear more about our other Consortium members!