We are pleased to announce that Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík of our partner organization, the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (CZU), had a lecture about Open Science and cooperation with libraries during the Biblioteca Academica 2023 event.

Libraries, by their very nature, contribute to the dissemination, sharing and use of scientific knowledge. In the field of publishing scientific information, academic libraries are already actively involved in supporting the dissemination of the results of their university’s scientific research activities. But what services do academic libraries offer in the area of open-source access? Can they declare their quality? And does it also mean changes in processes, in the requirements for the competencies of librarians or financial flows? In the end, won’t the costs of further processing open sources or maintaining accessibility be greater than the financial savings in management?

All of those topics were discussed during the Biblioteca Academica 2023 with over 300 participants!

During this event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík gave a keynote lecture on the topic of “Scientists and Libraries on the Way to Open Science.”

What was his speech about?

He talked about how scientific research is changing and what support libraries can provide. Due to current trends in open science, scientific research is significantly changing. Researchers encounter new challenges and needs that require adequate support from libraries. What are the changes in scientific research, and how do they translate into the needs of scientists?

He was also trying to look at how researchers and libraries can effectively respond to these new demands and contribute to the success of researchers.

He also presented the OSIRIS project and explained the main challenges it is trying to solve and tackle. One of the exciting news for the participants was the practice of the OSIRIS project, where the whole project proposal of OSIRIS can be freely accessible via OSF. This was something that inspired many people and created discussion. And it is something which Hynek Roubík was encouraging others to do as well.

“In OSIRIS, we want to create trust in Open Science & Reproducibility through Accessibility and Transparency!” concluded Hynek Roubík.

More details on this event can be found here.

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OSIRIS “Creating Trust in Open Science & Reproducibility through Accessibility and Transparency!”

OSIRIS “Creating Trust in Open Science & Reproducibility through Accessibility and Transparency!”