In February 2024, the OSIRIS project launched an online survey about computational reproducibility to discover researchers’ insights.

Our team members at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Monika Varga and Yuri Andrei Gelsleicther, together with other WP3 and OSIRIS members, compiled a survey to acquire information from researchers, covering different geographical and disciplinary backgrounds about their insights and perceptions about computational reproducibility.

Nowadays, researchers from different fields can exploit a wide range of possibilities offered by digital technologies and computers. Of course, this raises several questions and challenges regarding research reproducibility. It would be hard to mention a single field not affected by this question.

In recent years, a few survey-based studies were prepared about data management and sharing and general and field-specific aspects of computational reproducibility. However, considering the rapid development of digitalization, an up-to-date survey can point out interesting details about recent issues and challenges. The partners in the OSIRIS project are predominantly from biomedical and agricultural sciences. Therefore, the survey is designed to solicit insights from other disciplines, aiming to contribute to more comprehensive guidelines that address limitations on computational reproducibility and to contribute to developing possible interventions by these interesting pieces of information regarding various geographical and disciplinary aspects.

The survey is disseminated throughout the various social media platforms of the OSIRIS project and its members and is available for filling by the end of July 2024.

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