Professor Florian Naudet

The OSIRIS project is delighted to introduce Professor Florian Naudet of the Université de Rennes; he is currently co-directing LORIER, a partner institution of the OSIRIS consortium.  LORIER is an “Organization for ethical and responsible Inserm research” Its objective is to promote the development of a common culture of ethical and responsible research in order to go further in respect of ethics and professional integrity, to improve responsibility, transparency, reproducibility and quality of research. LORIER’s goal is to promote the establishment of a common culture of ethical and responsible research.

Professor Florian is a meta-researcher and psychiatrist. He is currently a Therapeutics Professor at France’s Rennes University. His scientific expertise is reviewing and establishing methodological ways to assess therapies in patients, particularly but not exclusively in psychiatric research. He has a strong interest in studying research waste and data-sharing practices. He has experience in clinical pharmacology, methodology of research, epidemiology, and neurosciences. His vast knowledge and expertise will greatly aid the OSIRIS project. As the leader of the OSIRIS WP3, he and his team will focus on developing evidence-based interventions to improve reproducibility practices among researchers and institutes. Will Develop interventions allowing for cultural changes at the level of institutions, including interventions targeting early career researchers; monitor transparency items associated with reproducibility issues; and will test if interventions promoting transparency of research increase reproducibility (at individual and/or institutional level).

Enjoy Learning more about Professor Florian Naudet! And stay tuned to meet our other Consortium members!

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