On 2nd May 2023, KU Leuven hosted its annual KU Leuven Open Science Day. The event, organized since 2021, is dedicated to researchers from all career stages and offers a platform to inspire, learn from each other, and discover how their research can benefit from Open Science principles. This year’s edition had a rich programme, covering keynote speeches, paper presentations, and a poster session from scholars with diverse backgrounds in humanities, biomedical sciences and science, engineering and technology.

KU Leuven Open Science Day’23 was a perfect opportunity to feature the OSIRIS project and introduce opportunities it creates for KU Leuven researchers. During the afternoon poster session, the OSIRIS KU Leuven team – Magdalena Kozula, Veerle Van den Eynden and Patrick Onghena – presented a poster “OSIRIS: Open science to increase reproducibility in science.” The poster session audience had a chance to learn about the OSIRIS background, and the interventions project will investigate, trail and implement to improve reproducibility in science and get familiar with the landscape of diverse stakeholders’ engagement that will contribute to the outputs and impact of OSIRIS. In addition, the poster provided insights into Work Package 2, in which the background research on drivers, barriers and facilitators for reproducibility will be performed, and featured involvement opportunities for KU Leuven researchers such as interviews, Reproducibility Networks, RCTs, and a roundtable on key findings from different Work Packages.

The “OSIRIS: Open science to increase reproducibility in science” poster and abstract information is available online on the KU Leuven Open Science Day proceedings website. We invite you to read the record of presentations. You can also download the poster HERE.

The KU Leuven Open Science Day was organized by KU Leuven Libraries in collaboration with the Research Coordination Office and the Information & Communication Technology & Systems Office (ICTS) and under the auspices of the KU Leuven Open Science task force.