The OSIRIS project is excited to share updates on a virtual symposium titled “Promoting Research Integrity Through Meta Research in the Publication Process”  held on April 18, 2023, as part of the metascience 2023 conference.

This event, chaired by Pr Lex Bouter, was designed to bring together experts to share their insights about the importance of meta-research to inform editorial policies. 

During the webinar, The OSIRIS work package lead (WP3) Florian Naudet, a psychiatrist, professor of therapy, a researcher at the Institute for Research in Health, Environment and Work (Irset) and senior member at the Institut Universitaire de France tried to answer a simple question: “how can journals and publishers increase transparency in their publication processes?”. For that purpose he used the case study of clinical trial data sharing policies in biomedical journals. With concrete examples, he emphasised the importance of clinical trial data sharing for the integrity of our research ecosystem. Then he presented how meta-research can inform data sharing policies and he proposed concrete solutions to ensure that those policies are meeting the mark.

You can watch the recording here.